04.20.14 | Diehl of Robinson - Viper Debut - jordan enders photography

Diehl of Robinson - Viper Debut


Last Saturday, the 12th, I attended Diehl of Robinson's car show held to reveal their special anodized 2014 Dodge Viper.  Supported by the Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee Club, the goal was to have 100 cars in attendance and I'm sure they exceed it their goal.  It was a great turnout, offering a wide range of exotics, classic muscle, and imports.  

First and foremost, here are some images of the birthday boy; the 2014 Anodized Dodge Viper.  Honestly, I'm not entirely sure of the method used to produce this, but the result is fantastic.  In person the paint appears flat, but still manages to have a sheen and sparkle to it.  It's mezmerizing.

Here's a few more of my favorite shots from the show. Check them all out here.

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