04.15.14 | Blood Moon Hiding - jordan enders photography

Blood Moon Hiding


Along with other photographers and stargazers, I found myself crawling out of bed around 1am on April 15th.  In a few hours North America was to be treated with a Blood Moon, or full lunar eclipse.  This umbral eclipse is the first of four expected to occur over the next two years, but had the potential to be the most spectacular of all.  Mars is at one of its closest points and would be visible as a star in frame, right next to the moon.  

Unfortunately the Pittsburgh weather had other ideas and prevented me from even catching a glimpse of the Blood Moon.  Luckily Pittsburgh is a very photogenic city and this situation became a great opportunity to work on some projects.  First, from my position on the Rachel Carson Bridge, I shot a 12-image panoramic of the Andy Warhol Bridge.

I then moved on to my first ever Brenizer shot.  Considering this is really an impromptu, elaborate selfie, I'm pretty pleased with it.  I'm happy with the composition, but think the color and exposure could have been improved upon.  Also, I utilized my Canon 70-200 f/4 IS and found the f/4 aperture to provide too deep a field of focus for this scenario.

Note: There is a stitching alignment issue with this image, but given that I have no intent to use it outside of this post, I have not corrected it.

Lastly, I finally got a shot of the Alcoa building.  This is an image I've been wanting to get for a while and tonight was the perfect opportunity.  The buildings lines and curves provide for a great image.  This is easily my favorite image from the night.

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