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Morning Coffee - Don't Give Up the Ship

Sunday - 03.30.14

Last weekend I finally managed to make a return visit back to Cleveland.  It's been a while since I've been back, and with Lily with me, we had quite a full agenda.  While we managed to complete our "must-do" list, I was secretly hoping to finally swing by one of Erie Island Coffee's locations.  I lived in Cleveland for three years and had fallen in love with their "Jamaican Me Crazy" roast, but never managed to visit any of the shops.  

Unfortunately, we found ourselves short on time at the end of our trip, and opted to swing by Dunkin Donuts before meeting up with friends in Lakewood for brunch.  Upon arriving at Sweet Melissa's for brunch, I found myself parked right next to one of Erie Island's locations!  What luck!  After brunch (and another cup of coffee inside), I went over and picked up a bag of their "Don't Give Up the Ship" roast.

I finally had the opportunity to brew some this weekend, using all my fancy coffee stuff!

Brewed using my Hario Ceramic Grinder, Bonavita Kettle, and Hario V60 Dripper.

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