03.31.14 | City Transport - jordan enders photography

City Transport


Every summer Pittsburgh is host to the Vintage Grand Prix.  Last year I wanted to attend, but still being relatively new to the city, had no idea where to park or how to handle the crowds that would gather.  My roommate proposed that I use the spare bike we had at the time and I pedal over with him.  I fell in love.  At that moment I completely understood the appeal of a road bike in the city.  It was easy.  You could bypass traffic.  You could park anywhere.  It was exercise.  That day led to these images.

With Spring and Summer (slowly) approaching, I knew I needed to get a bike.  After a brief validation conversation with my roommate I pulled the trigger and ordered a single speed Nashbar.  It arrived in a day and a half and I'm already reaping the benefits.  I can't wait to see what images this bike allows me to grab this summer!

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