02.01.15 | Project 365 - jordan enders photography

Project 365 - Getting Started


On the first day of the year my good friend Corey challenged me to join him in a 365 day photography challenge.  I've attempted one of these by myself before, but failed out after the third week.  Intrigued and encouraged by having an accountability partner, I agreed.

The goal of this challenge is to take one meaningful image a day.  Now, just one month in, I'm pleased to say that I've been successful... so far.  I'll admit that the definition of "meaningful" has been interrupted more loosely on some days rather than others, but overall, I'm pleased with what I've produced.

The challenge and accountability of the project has definitely stretched my imagination, forced me to step outside my comfort zone, and helped me recognize some of my  weaknesses.  In practice this has led to me braving the winter weather, resorting to using my phone, and researching techniques to provide the result I was looking for.

Going forward, one of my goals is to restrict a certain week or month to a specific technique, theme, or piece of equipment.  For instance, I've decided to only use my 50mm f/2.5 macro for the remainder of February.  

Below are my favorites from the first month.  Check out the full Project 365 album here.  Also, check out my project partner's here!

Let me know what you think!


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